Consumer Base

We have a fresh up to date consumer base with a variety of people and a wide range of occupations for any marketing campaign such as SMS, telemarketing, emailing name it

....................At very competitive rates

This data has all the necessary fields you want for profiling, such as;

  • Name and surname
  • ID
  • Gender
  • Title
  • Address
  • Employer
  • Occupation
  • Work tel
  • Home tel
  • Cell number
  • Email

B2B base

All the information you need like;
  • Company name
  • Postal/physical address (mostly postal)
  • Company telephone number
  • Contact person
  • Job title
  • Industry code
  • Job code and rank

With the industry code we are able to extract your industry specific companies, e.g. manufacturing, mining, pharmaceutical etc

Our B2B lists will also

enable you to see the size of the company you are targeting

Bytestream's greatest innovation is that the B2B base is linked to our consumer base, it makes it easier to target quite a number of people working for the same company at once.

Whatever your business needs, at Bytestream we provide you with the data solutions you need.

All you can do is, give us your customer specifications for example the age, area, occupation etc then we pull a count for you indicating how many consumers we have according to the specifications.

We can give you a free test batch so that you can check if your profiling is right and also assess the contactability.

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